Hi, I'm Torrey. Welcome to Left Field, where creativity runs amok and imagination is ALWAYS more important than knowledge. Shoes are not allowed but ties are optional. This is a repository of snippets from my life out here in Left Field. One never knows what shiny bits of creativity will be found here... cards, scrapbook layouts, photography, poetry, recipes, ponderings, rantings and musings. It could be anything! Life in Left Field is always changing, always real, always ...interesting.

About me

Where to start. 

Most folks just call me Torrey. I like to think that puts me in the same ranks as other one-name people...Cher, Madonna, Elvis, Prince, Adele...okay, maybe not.

I'm a nurse practitioner who has retired from the medical field in quest of endeavors that involve the other half of my brain; the creative part--the right hemisphere. I guess one could say, I'm FINALLY in my RIGHT mind (even though I'm standing out in left field). Which brings me to the name of this blog..."Left Field Studio" (also the name of my little crafting company).

One day (a few years back), I was showing the folks at Memory Makers Magazine (may it rest in peace) a layout I had just created. That's when Nick (the art director) shook his head and declared "Torrey, I'm gonna call you 'left field' from now on because that's where you are--out in left field." I must admit that made me giggle (and very proud). Thanks, Nick. So, I aspire to live up to my uniquely quirky moniker in my creating. I'm not afraid to try anything. I love 'sperimenting. But, I'm getting ahead of my timeline.

I started out scrapbooking in 1999. Wow, last century--last millennium, even. My bestee, Jodi Amidei, got me started down this journey of creative abandon. Come to think of it, Jodi has been a major instigator in MANY of my life's adventures (and misadventures). My favorite place to craft is anywhere that I'm sitting next to Jodi. Both of us in our jammies...an endless supply of chocolate nearby...and a chick flick we've seen a hundred times playing in the background on the TV. That is my idea of crafty heaven. *sigh*

I've been blessed with many opportunities throughout my crafting life. I was selected as one of the original Memory Makers Masters in 2003. Such an honor. I'm still humbled. From there, I started working for Memory Makers as a contract artist. WOW, ME...a PAID artist. Who knew? And then "things" just...evolved. I started teaching at my local scrapbook store and ZIPPP, KAPOW, BANG!!! I ended up writing books for Memory Makers, doing TONS of contract art, began teaching/demonstrating at large trade shows and exhibitions where I met Stacey Caron (owner of Spellbinders Paper Arts). This was WAY BACK when the Wizard first came out. One thing led to another, and I landed on their first design team and was a member of their "research and development" department where, alongside Jenny Lowe, she and I devised EVERYTHING the Wizard can do...I mean EVERYTHING. I loved making the Wizard into my ultimate crafting Guinea Pig. Believe it or not, I "invented" the Nestability dies. Yep, it's true. I came up with the idea of graduated nested shapes...and designed Spellbinders' very first one--a file folder. Who knew my little idea would snowball into the Nestability empire of today. But, I digress

As for my personal life--

I'm married to a wonderful guy named Jonathan. He's truly my biggest fan and is extremely accepting (and emotionally supportive) of my creative obsessions/pursuits. He's a computer geek (which comes in mighty handy). Together we form a small computer-related company...but that's a different story. We live in Texas--land of big hair. We don't have any kids...we're big enough kids on our own--besides, we have nowhere to put them. We're very fortunate to live next door to my mom and step dad. It's really nice to have family so close by.

The driving reason behind my retiring from my nursing career at such a young age is that my body kind of gave out on me. I was diagnosed with Lupus several years ago...then a few years later, my heart decided to act up. So, I was sort of forced to SLOW DOWN...which (as my family can attest to) I don't do very gracefully--or well. Everyone keeps imploring me to REST. But, I'm afraid if I stop...I'll be like the Tin Man (from The Wizard of Oz) and I'll rust--solid. So, I keep moving. As Dory (from Finding Nemo) says, "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!!!"

I do know that life is TOO short...even more so for some. One never knows when it will be their last day, so, I try to enjoy EVERY day I have been blessed with...on this side of the dirt. And, like the Energizer Bunny, I just keep going and going and going...for as long as I am able. It's true, I am slowing down...but the time for rusting is--LATER.

So that's me, in a very big nutshell. Yes, it's because I'm a big nut (--see, I know what you're thinking and too polite to say). If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so by filling out the contact form way at the bottom of my home page.

I like getting REAL mail...
I get so tired of internet spam.
I do not like it Sam-I-am.
I do not like it on a train,
I do not like it in the rain
-- I don't like timeshares in Niagra
and I DEFINITELY have no use for Viagra.

(See, I really AM out in left field.)