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May 26, 2015

Dandelion Wishes

Hidy Ho, crafty peeps!

I wanted to share with you the gifts I made to go along with those uber cute dandelion cards I recently posted. I ended up making 2 of these. They are dandelion necklaces--with real dandelion seeds. The first one I made was for Jodi. It turned out so cute, I decided to make another one for my cousin's graduation present.

Now, I am by no means a jewelry artist, but these turned out great if I do say so myself. So much so...I have enough supplies left over to make one for myself.

I harvested the dandelion seeds myself.

"Big whoop", you say.

Well, it kind of was a "big whoop". You see, it's been raining here in Texas for WEEKS. Couple that with the tornado-force winds we've been getting and low-and-behold, there are no more fuzzy dandelions to be found.

Before you all start sending me packages of dandelion fuzz, rest assured, I finally found some...though it took awhile. (I can just see it now...dozens of feather-light little boxes arriving at my doorstep; filled to the brim with dandelion heads).

Don't even.

I'm begging you.

Here is one of the necklaces I made

It's a glass "locket" (glass on both sides so it's clear), with 3 VERY carefully-placed dandelion seeds sandwiched between the panes of glass. And yes, I glued the locket shut with E6000. There is NO WAY I want these suckers to come open.

Between the static electricity and ambient breezes, it took me about 30 minutes to position those blooming seeds just right. Just when I thought I had them in place...I'd bump it, or they'd stick to the tweezers, or I'd exhale and send them flying.

Here is a closer view

The locket, chain, and jewelry findings I used are all from Michaels. They're made by Bead Landing.

Thanks, as always for venturing out to Left Field!

May 25, 2015

Kraft Cheese Birthday

Hidy Ho, crafty peeps!

I'm here with yet ANOTHER installment in my card making Lolapalooza!!

I recently reconnected with my college roommate, Mary. Talking to her on the phone brought me IMMEDIATELY back to those "good old days" of nursing school. And, they were VERY good days. Largely in part due to my dear friends Mary, Joanne, Gloria, and Therese.

Well, I remembered that Mary's birthday is at the end of May. (Am I good or what?) So, I figured I would send her a card.

And, as luck would have it, it just happens to be...ANOTHER HOUSE MOUSE CARD!!!

Can you stand it? Maybe I should think about joining their design team.

Some of you might ask, "Torrey, how do you get your inspiration for these cards?". Well, it's like this... I was eating a lunch (prepared for me by my DH) of one of my childhood favorites-- Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. That's when it hit me...Kraft....Cheese....which led to Kraft paper with a cheese theme.

Yeah. My mind works like that. Scary isn't it?

For her card, I decided to use Kraft cardstock, both for the card and for the images and sentiments. I love using colored pencils on Kraft. They can be very subtle...or they can cover everything underneath like a drag queen's makeup.

That is ONE THING Copics can't do.

Neener neener neener!

I used the "Say Cheese", and the "Cheesy Gift" stamps by House Mouse. I colored the images with Prismacolor pencils, then paper-toled (decoupaged) the main one into several layers to give it depth and dimension. I keep wondering what it would be like to use those pre-printed color image decoupage sheets where all you have to do is cut the images out...

Then, I think, "NAH!" It's more fun to do it myself. That way I get the colors I want. There are 4 layers on the camera, and then the mouse is its own layer. I made the title by hand.
Who knew I could draw cheese?

Here is a detail shot of the coloring:
(Prismacolor Pencils on Kraft cardstock)

And, here is the INSIDE of the card.

The colors are a bit wonky because I kept having issues with my flash reflecting off the waxy surface of the colored pencils. You can't even tell the images are on Kraft paper, can you? Oh, and forgive the cheesy sentiment. I just couldn't help myself. I'm a pun-Muenster...what can I say?

And, I'd like to enter this in the House Mouse & Friends Monday Challenge

Thanks, as always, for venturing out to Left Field!

May 21, 2015

Breezy Graduation

Hidy Ho, crafty peeps!

And so continues my card making lola-palooza. Today's offering is the graduation card I made for my mom's cousin's daughter's daughter.

I know you're all thinking, "MAN! She's got a huge extended family". Actually, I have a pretty small family...hence I actually know the extended parts. It's not until I post here that I actually have to think about how we're all related. To me, we're all just "cousins".

OMG...it's another House Mouse card.

I warned you.

For this card... I used the uber-cute "Make a Wish" stamp by House Mouse (yes, again). I made the background by embossing some white-core cardstock and sanding off the raised clouds to reveal the white underneath. I colored the image with my Prismacolor pencils, then I paper-toled it in a couple of layers to give it dimension. I drew the floating dandelion seeds on by hand. I didn't know I could draw dandelion seeds. Be impressed.
 Miranda's Graduation Card

coloring close up:
Prismacolor pencils FTW!

I would like to enter this card in the House-Mouse and Friends Monday Challenge             # HMFMC194 - Summer Fun.

Thanks, as always, for coming out to Left Field!

May 20, 2015

8-bit Kisses, Jalapeno Wishes, and Dandelion Dreams

Hidy ho, crafty peeps!

This is the time of year when my card making goes into hyper-drive.  Multiple birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, anniversaries, and graduation find me sequestered away in my studio for days on end. Colored pencils fly across the paper and scissors move so quickly they become a fussy-cutting blur that covers my floor with paper shrapnel in a 3-foot radius around my chair.

You can count how many days I've been at this by the growing collection of mostly-empty water bottles that now litter my work desk.

My studio looks absolutely post-apocalyptic, and I have barely begun.

5 cards down... 9 or so to go.

Geeze Louise...that means I'm not even half way there.


Here are the latest cards in the lineup--Jonathan's birthday, Jodi's birthday, and Richard's birthday. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm kinda stuck on House Mouse images at the moment. I'm certain this phase will pass. But, for now, a lot of people on my list are getting some iteration of House Mouse...and some images are being used for multiple cards.

Jonathan's Birthday
For Jonathan's Birthday, I decided on an 8-bit game theme...Classic Nintendo. I constructed the game controller (and cord) by hand out of cardstock. It's about 1/4 inch thick. The controller base is actually a little flat box out of matching cardstock. I know the details are a bit wonky...but I cut it all out by hand, so yeah...it's wonky...but he knew EXACTLY what it was when he saw it. Phew. I kept the background simple by just using the "A2 Arrows" (Paper Studio) directly on the card base.
Inside details:
Jodi's Birthday
I have a thing for dandelions. Whenever I see their fluffy little heads, I'm compelled to pick them, close my eyes, make a wish, and blow all their seeds off. I know it's corny. Corny is a good thing. I really like dandelions. They're far-too maligned a flower. One man's weed is another's prized blossom. They're a treasure...just like Jodi. This stamp is called "Make a Wish" by House Mouse (Stampendous). The circles are made with "Loopy Circle" Nestability dies (Spellbinders). The card boasts lots of layers, patterns, and textures and just the right amount of bling...just like Jodi.

 Coloring Details:
I paper-toled (some call it decoupaged) the image in layers so that it's 3-D.
Yes, I colored it with colored pencil. Why even ask?

Richard's Birthday
As I've posted in here before, Richard is a "Pepper Belly". He puts hot pepper on EVERYTHING. I've decided he does this because his taste buds are all worn out. He doesn't necessarily like mice...but I do. This House Mouse stamp is called "Jalapeno Peppers" (Stampa Rosa). I believe it's retired. I coated the pepper, jar, and candles with crystal lacquer to make them shiny. The diecut background circles were made with "Inverted Scallop Circle" Nestability dies (Spellbinders). The green accent paper was punched with a Martha Stewart edge punch. Don't ask me the name of it. This image, too, is paper-toled (decoupaged) and colored with Prismacolor pencils. I wanted bling on this card too...but it had to be "manly bling". How'd I do?

I would like to enter the Jalapeno card in the House-Mouse & Friends contest 

Thanks, as always, for coming out to Left Field!!!

May 16, 2015


Hidy ho, crafty peeps!

Today I'm going to a birthday party.

For a one-year-old.

Which, if you think about, has absolutely NOTHING to do with the birthday boy...since A) He'll have no memory of this, and B) He's turning 1....so C) He'll have no idea what the heck is going on.

These birthday celebrations are all about the adult guests.

Keeping this in mind, I made his card with adults in mind (his mom especially). Her favorite color is orange, so it's featured prominently in her, um...HIS, card.

I'm really into House Mouse images lately. As you'll see in some of my upcoming posts...my next few cards will have House Mouse images on them too. What can I say? They're cute.

I paper-toled the image into a couple of layers. I used hot glue in between the layers. It's fast, you can adjust the height of the space, and it's fast. I've tried using silicone glues before with syringes...what a mess. I've tried using foam tape. Not easy when you have tiny spaces to lift.

I'll stick with hot glue. Did I mention how fast it is?

The background paper is actually an uncut sheet of alphabet squares by Paper Pizzazz. I cut out some of them to spell the birthday boy's name and the #1. I used super-fine glitter and seed beads as decoration for the frosting. And, before you say anything, I was going to thread the buttons...but I couldn't find my embroidery floss...so, I left them naked. It's all good, the mice are naked too. I colored the image with my trusty Prismacolor pencils. It's been so long, it's nice to know I can still color.

I would like to enter my card in the House-Mouse & Friends contest