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January 1, 2012

Go Eat Your Black-Eyed Peas!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! 2012 has arrived...and this is gonna be an interesting year. I can't wait to see what happens when the Mayan calendar runs out.

In the meantime...I wanted to remind y'all to GO EAT YOUR BLACK-EYED PEAS!! Why?, you ask....well....if you REALLY wanna know the history, I'll tell ya.

You do???


Well, to commemorate this tradition, I made a scrapbook page a few years ago on this very subject...the journaling tells the tale. Don't strain your peepers, I'll post it here:

Happy New Year...now go eat your black-eyed peas. 

"Why?" you ask. Well, I'll tell ya. But first, you gotta eat a spoonful. I know some people think they're yucky, but it's tradition! It all started back during the Civil War (or as my forefathers called it..."The War Of Northern Aggression"). Back then, people didn't eat black-eyed peas. They were grown solely to feed cows. That's why they're also called cowpeas. So, it is rumored in the city of Vicksburg, following 40 days of fighting, there were no provisions getting in or out of the city and folks were gettin' powerful hungry. So as not to starve, they ate the only thing they had--cowpeas. Ever since then, it has been tradition (especially in the southern states) to eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day. They're supposed to bring good luck for the coming year (because eating such a lowly, simple food shows how humble and worthy of good fortune you are). Ever since I was knee-high to a cricket, I've been eatin' black-eyed peas on New Year's Day...and I make certain EVERYBODY I know (including my cat) eats 'em too. Heck, we could all use a little good luck.


  1. Fantastic layout Torrey & love how you have carried on with the tradition which not many people do these days...well i hope 2012 brings health, wealth & lots of happiness for you & your family...

    hugs and xxx

  2. It's nice to see you doing layouts again!

    Happy New Year! I actually like black eyed peas, so there.

  3. OMG. I didn't eat my peas this year. I am doomed. We always have black eyed peas on new years. How could I forget. Woe, is usins'.

    We come from a very Southern family and your right we always have black eyed peas for new years, except this year.


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