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April 23, 2012

Carp-ay Diem

Hidy Ho!

I'm here today to share my take on the Bombshell Stamps monthly sketch challenge for April (better late than never). I got to use my new Koi Tattoo stamp set--which I love!!! There is just something about these fish that intrigues me. I know they're just glorified carp, but they're so pretty. Our fearless DT captain, Kathi, came up with this sketch.

Anywho...here is my version of the sketch. Yeah, I took liberties--but I always do. Admit it, y'all would be disappointed if I didn't. Right?? I just kinda turned the whole sketch cattywampus. What a great word..."cattywampus". It rates right up there with "doohickey" and "spiflicator" (which comes from Jodi's dad and I still don't know what the heck it is).

So, enough incessant babbling. Here it is. In the photo, the glitter pen didn't show up (of course)...it never does. Glitter is SO DIFFICULT to capture in a photograph. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to effectively photograph glitter? At any rate, it's kind of scattered all over the card background and on the fish's scales. I colored the whole image with my Prismacolor pencils (what else). Ya know what I just noticed...the strips of patterned paper kinda look like giant bandaids. Hahahaha. Oh well.

Koi stamp - Bombshell Stamps (Koi Tattoo)
Prismacolor pencils
Patterned paper
glitter pen - Sakura

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  1. Prettiest giant band-aids I've ever seen. They make a lovely card. The colours are fabby.


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