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April 16, 2012

Creatin' with Jodi


I'm here visiting my bestee, Jodi...and we're creating in her studio. Side by side. In our jammies. She's my muse. She inspires me...and challenges me. And she tells me when my stuff is crap. Life is good.

I love her.

I tell ya, the TOJO MOJO is flowing! (that's TOrrey and JOdi MOJO). She coined that term years ago when we were working on our first book together...and it stuck. All I know is I'm cranking out the cards right and left. So far I've made 3--one for a DT project and 2 to actually give to people. What a concept. Giving cards away to people. Go figure.

I used the same papers for both cards, I mean...why not? I had them out on the table already, ya know? And you can't tell, but I did use a glitter pen on both cards. The photographs just don't do justice.

The first card is for an upcoming baby shower she and I are attending this weekend. I thought these stamps from Inkadinkado were a perfect touch for a baby card. The patterned paper is from My Mind's Eye (LOVE them).

The second card I made is for my hubby...to show him I love and miss him (even though I've only been gone 4 days). I know he's missing me a LOT. But I figure it's good for him to miss me...the whole absence and fonder heart thing.

The fabulously cute hedgehog stamps are from Hampton Arts. How can you NOT like hedgehogs. They're just too stinking cute and they TOTALLY reminded me of him and me and how lovey dovey we can be. I know, I know...gag me, barf barf.


  1. Those are both really cute...

    Now it's time for you to get sassy and a bit edgy too. You promised me you'd make Jodi play with some Bombshells!

  2. We are gonna do the Bomb thang this weekend!!!

  3. You guys rock!!!!! I love spending time with you all!! I l love the Tojo mojo, it rubbed off!!


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