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June 9, 2012

Welcome to the dark side, Heidi!

I've been blessed this week to have my sister and nephews visiting here from Colorado. Who in their right mind would come to Texas in June is beyond me...but I never said my family was in their right mind.

I've been trying for YEARS to get my sister into paper crafting. First, I tried luring her into scrapbooking. I sent her cute supplies and got her hooked up with basic tools. At that time she had two little boys and, therefore, LOTS of photos and memorabilia to immortalize. Somehow, that went absolutely nowhere, and I ended up being the one to scrap pages of HER kids.  She once told me, "Torrey, why do I have to do scrapbook pages of them when you're around?? I'll just send you pics and have YOU do it--since you're such an uber pro, they'll look FANTASTIC".

Flattery will get your scrapping done (by me) Heidi.

So, I gave up on ever getting her to do scrapbooking.

But something magical happened when she laid her eyes on my newly-reorganized studio. You could see the creative spark ignite. She said that she could DEFINITELY get into card making--that the whole idea of it seriously THRILLED her...but she didn't know how to start.


She sat across from me while I created the Sonic b-day card for my nephew. She watched intently at how I put together a card from the ground up. With each step of making that card...I taught her something (without her knowing it)
  • how to use a die cut machine
  • how to color with colored pencils
  • how to choose a color palette
  • how to choose papers
  • how to choose embellishments
  • how to layer
  • how to emboss
  • how to design the layout
  • how to use basic tools (trimmer, crimper, Xacto)
  • how to manipulate images in Photoshop
That creative spark caught hold...and things started to smolder!!!

Yesterday, she decided she wanted to try her hand at card making. So, she sat across from me and she made her very first card. She was so proud of her creation! She should be!! It's FaBuLoUs.

Heidi went back home today. As a gift to her, she left with a "new" Wizard, some dies, some embossing plates/folders and the now-burning desire to make cards.

Don't let my innocent-looking exterior fool you...I have "ways" of converting people into paper crafters--ways AND skillz.

Welcome to the dark side, Heidi. And I didn't even have to give you any cookies.

Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.

1 comment:

  1. You're an evil thing, Ms. Torrey. She really had no choice, but to join the dark side once you got her into your labora-Torrey!

    Her card is fabulous. I hope she joins the blogosphere so that we can encourage her.

    I just hope she doesn't realize that making cards will NOT save her money, but is rather a $lippery $lope!

    Bwa ha ha indeed.


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