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July 19, 2012

Bring on da Bling

It's...(what day is it anyway? I lose track)...whatever day it is, it's time for the monthly Pin-up Challenge over at Bombshell Stamps !!! This month's Pin-Up is Miss Suzie Little. Suzie challenged us to use our Bombshell Stamps to make jewelry (or as they say on the other side of The Pond where Suzie lives--jewellery). Here, in Texas, we just call it Bling (with a capital B). And believe you me...women are ALL about Bling here in Texas.

In her own words, "Make a piece of jewellery using your bombshell stamps and die cut papers. you may also use ribbon, gems, sparkles and findings but NO altered pre-made jewellery items."

Um...so I FOUND the beads I used for the necklace in my bead stash...does that count as "findings"?? The pendant, however, is all hand made. I wanted my pendant to look like an opal. I love opals. I love how they change colors when you change their angles with respect to the light. I also love Dichroic glass--because, let's face it, it very much looks like...opals. So, here is my loverly "faux" opal pendant.

To achieve this look I used some real, honest-to-goodness sea glass I found on the beach in Malibu. I coated it with a thick layer of clear lacquer and dropped little bits of iridescent plastic "Easter Grass" onto the wet lacquer surface. Then, I stamped the wenchy image onto a piece of transparency (with StazOn ink) and cut it so that it was slightly smaller than the glass. I gently pressed the transparency image onto the wet lacquer/Easter grass (making sure there were no bubbles). Then I coated it with more lacquer--clear to the edge of the glass.

I let this dry over night. The next morning I applied more lacquer and dropped in little pieces  of iridescent plastic ribbon, then added a final coating of clear lacquer and let it dry overnight again.

Day 3 I wrapped 20 gauge brass wire around the pendant and hung it from a strand of "findings" (ok, ok...PREMADE BEADS). But in all fairness...I did arrange and string the beads myself. Does that count?
So it's time to visit the Bombshell Stamps blog and enter our challenge for you chance at winning some FaBuLoUs Bombshell stamps!!! YIPPEEE!!

A Pirate's Life stamp - Bombshell Stamps
Beads - Westrim Crafts
iridescent ribbon and Easter grass - Michaels
Royal Coat lacquer - Plaid
StazOn Ink - Tsukineko


  1. This is fabulous. Do you have my address???


  2. Yes Kathi...I have your address. Why do you ask?

  3. Un-freakin'-believably gorgeous piece of jewelry! So beautiful Torrey :)

  4. Easter grass!? Really?!?!! How freakin awesome!

    I love this necklace, it's absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. Fantastic necklace, Torrey. Love the effectonthe pendant. You are so creative! Hugs...Mona

  6. Torrey, this is gorgeous!!! It is truly amazing!

  7. Love it! Love it! Love it! And I love this blog, too. I've only just 'found' you, and I'm so happy that I have. This is one gorgeous necklace that I would love to wear. Looking forward to checking out more of your blog posts.


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