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August 2, 2012

Grow Old Along With Me...

It's that time of year...weddings abound! I know of 4 or 5 different couples who are getting married within the next month...and I get to make cards for all of them. The first of my wedding series is for the youngest son of a friend of mine. In my mind, he's still like 8 years old--cutest little tow-head imp you've ever seen. Somewhere in the last couple of decades...he grew up. The NERVE! At any rate...he's getting married here in a few days.

Here is the card I made for him and his lovely bride. Their wedding colors are red, black and white. At least I think they are...that's what the invitations were, so I am assuming that is the chosen color scheme. I decided to try my hand at a totally stamp-free card. I didn't want any cutesy little images of brides and grooms. I didn't want butterflies or doves with ribbons and pearls. I wanted to create something...unique.

I KNOW!!! ZENTANGLE! That's the ticket! I used mainly one Zentangle pattern called "Mooka" (thanks to Jodi for giving me the idea...long story, but it has to do with her new Australian Shepherd puppy named "Mooka"). I now am TOTALLY enamored with the "Mooka" pattern. It's just...cool. So here it is...my Zentangled wedding card.

Detail shot:

Heart brads - Creative Impressions
ribbon - Michaels
Micron 01 pen - Sakura
pencil (for shading)


  1. This is absolutely stunning. I hope they frame it! WoW!

  2. This is amazing! Unique?- definitely! a work of art!!! Wish I'd made it!

  3. Torrey Beth - you're creative is not running amok, it is flowing like Niagra! This is simply stunning... wait, there's nothing simple about it. It's just stunning!
    Love ya,


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