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September 18, 2012


Ahoy thar! Raise th' colors, me hearties...fer t'morrow be "Parlay Like A Scurvy Pirate Day"!!! Over yar at Bombshell Stamps, we be havin' a marrrrrr-velous parrrty!! We be craftin' up a bevvy o' scurvy pirate-y beauties fer ye to feast yer eyes on.
So, hoist the mizzen and swab th' decks and head on over to th'
to take a gander at th' booty we done prepared for ye!!

Here be me creation. Not much needs to be said 'bout t'is scurvy pirate beauty--'cept she be colored up all in them browny-sepia tones, 'n I crafted her a peg leg o' me own design. th' rest kinda speaks fer itself, don't ye think? Aye, lassy! Fer 'tis auspicious-like occasion, I even created a wee ditty fer ye to be off along wit' th' carrrrrrrd...it goes like 'tis:

There once was a Pirate named Sue
She commanded a very large crew.
She was buxom and leggy,
but now she's called Peggy...
'cuz a shark ate her leg for fondue. 

I'd like to enter 'tis carrrrrd in th' followin' challenges, matey:

Pirate, hat, and treasure chest stamps - Bombshell Stamps (A Pirate's Life, Mermaid Treasure)
Wanted Poster digi stamp - Bombshell Stamps 
woodgrain embossing folder - Sizzix
Nestability die and banner die - Spellbinders (deckle oval)
Prismacolor Colored Pencils
antique brads - Creative Impressions
patterned paper
gold leafing pen - Krylon


  1. I love, love, love, LOVE this! Everything about it! Especially that awesome peg leg of hers! Why have I never thought to do that? Brills, baby! Brills. Seriosuly, I just wanna be in your brain for like, a day.

  2. OMG Torrey! I ADORE what you have done to her! her leg is all sorts of awesomnesssssss! And the ditty makes me happy!

  3. he he, fondue leg. Nasty shark. This is fabulous Torrey, So pleased you could share it with us at The Squirrel and The Fox. I hope to see you there again soon.

  4. I love this card! It's absolutely gorgeous and I love the peg leg and sepia tones.

  5. Stunning card! thanks so much for playing along with us at The Kraft Journal!


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