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September 28, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

Hi everyone out there in blog land. Today's offering is a group of photos I shot as I was leaving the house to mail off a package. We share our house with a very large family of Anoles. Anoles are tiny little lizards that have the ability to change color depending on their surroundings. For this reason, they're often confused with or called "chameleons" but they are NOT chameleons. Nor are they geckos. Actually, they're related to iguanas. They grow to be about 5-7 inches from nose to tail tip. They are harmless. Actually, they're more than that...They're very beneficial as they eat all manner of bugs and spiders. If it's a bug that's small enough  to fit in his mouth...he'll eat it.

I just love these little guys! They're so cute and right now we have about 8 of them living behind the window shutters and under the Soffit by the front door. Occasionally we catch them sunning themselves on the hedges out front, but if they see us coming...ZIP...they disappear. This gal, however, was not afraid of me. You can tell she's a rebel right off, because she didn't try to blend into the brick behind her. In fact, she was quite curious and maintained eye contact with me while I gingerly inched my camera lens towards her until I could almost touch her nose. She is a BEAUTIFUL vivid green with a hint of turquoise around her eyes and little orange/terracotta flecks scattered all over her head and the center of her back. This little gal was about 5 inches long. I refer to her as a "she" because it is a "she". Female anoles have a stripe that runs down their back...males don't. Females also have a much blunter nose. Males have very pointy noses.

I can't seem to shake this odd urge to switch to Geico.


  1. I think I'd scream like a little girl if I walked out my door and came face to face with that guy. But, I live in Canada so I'm used to having polar bears outside my door rather then members of the reptile family. You should see what it looks like when a group of them is living under my soffits.

  2. Jan...you have NO IDEA the imagery you have induced--polar bears, hanging upside down, smushed into the corners of the Soffits. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA. You're so silly. <3

  3. We used to have lizards in Hawaii. Mom would even hatch their eggs on the dryer.


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