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October 27, 2012

The Natives Are Restless

Howdy folks!


Bombshell Stamps has released 2 new stamp sets-- and we're just ITCHING to do a feature hop to celebrate their release! Just feast your eyes on these babies!!!


Aren't they FaBuLoUs???
(and they come in digital AND rubber)

So, if you landed here via Jodi's wonderful blog, you made it!!! YAY! For my project--with the holidays fast approaching--I decided to turn these nifty stamps into a set of festive napkin rings and place cards for Thanksgiving. I think these make a really fun change from the typical turkey/pilgrim decor that is usually so prevalent this time of year.

Here is a "mock-up" place setting to showcase my projects for today. 
(yes, those are the plates, silverware, napkins and placemat that I use every day)

Here is one of the place cards.

...and here are ALL the place cards (it's gonna be a SMALL gathering). 
My husband said, "Gee, I see you were creative with the names". Hey...I used what I know.
(for those of you who don't know...Richard is my step-dad, Dian is my mom, and Jonathan is my smart-aleck husband).

Here are all the napkin rings.
The base for the napkin rings is (get this) a TOILET PAPER TUBE. I cut it into approximately 1-inch wide rings and covered them with patterned paper. Hey, it's what I had on hand, and it turned out to be the PERFECT diameter.

So, thank you for stopping by! Your next stop is our fabulous Bombshell Chieftess--Kathi. Be sure to pay her blog a visit. I'm sure she has something UBER spiffy to share with you.

Thanks, again, for joining us for our Indian stamp set release! Here is a complete listing of the hop participants in case...ya know. In case.

Torrey (me)

Indian Princess and Indian Warrior stamp sets - Bombshell Stamps
Prismacolor colored pencils
Kraft cardstock
patterned paper - Design Originals
toilet paper tubes


  1. Great idea Torrey!!! These are awesome as placecard holders and napkin rings!!! I see a project in my future...

  2. Sheesh! Fabulous, gorgeous, environmentally responsible, and useful!!!!

    I love them. Do you really set the table like that every day?

  3. I love these!!! Beautiful place cards and napkin rings, great idea for Thanksgiving!

  4. What time is dinner and what can I bring? I want my own setting!!! <3

  5. OK so you soooo win the intereweb with this project. I adorez it. I was just saying on my blog that they would be kewl for Thanksgiving and here you are one step ahead of me.

  6. OMG! Torrey what a fantastic idea and they're just gorgeous. I love the way your crafty mind works!
    Jodi :-)

  7. Oh my gosh - these are just fantastic! What a great idea, love them! :)