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December 20, 2012


So...major day coming up here in a few hours. The dreaded 12.21.2012.

(insert suspenseful music)

Were the Mayans right? Or, did they just run out of room on their calendar and figure that by now, someone would have come out with a new, updated version of their calendar--perhaps a swimsuit edition.

If you're reading this, then I would hazard a guess to say that the same people who predicted major catastrophes with the coming of the new millenium are the same brainiacs that decided that we're all going up in one GLORIOUS cloud of smoke today.

But, I could be wrong.

If so, then...well...then my entry below for Bombshell Stamps' monthly sketch challenge is for naught. If we're all still here, head on over to Bombshell Stamps Blog and play along with our monthly sketch challenge!

"So long and thanks for all the fish!"

inside the card...


  1. Darn it, still here. Guess it's alright or I wouldn't get to comment on this absolutely fabulously amazing card. I had to call my entire family in to see this one. We all loved it.

  2. OK.. I am catching up and I ADORE, LOVE, am in AWE of this card!!!! Great job!!!!


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