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June 17, 2013

Irreverent Father's Day

Hidy Ho, crafty peeps.

Just wanted to share with y'all what my hubby and I did for my stepdad, Richard, for Father's Day.

Let me preface this entry by reiterating the fact that Richard is not a "typical" dad-type guy. If we were to have given him a card with a warm and fuzzy sentiment, he would have hurled all over the carpet (or at least he would have made "hurling" sound effects). He's just not that kind of dad. I know I've posted things about Richard before today. He and I have a very special relationship. He never had kids, but when he married my mom 14 years ago, he inherited 2 full-grown adult kids. I tell him he got off EASY. He didn't have to raise us and put up with all our teenage angst and shenanigans...he got us already finished...sort of like getting a wonderful chocolate cake from the bakery, already baked, frosted and sliced.

He got off EASY, I tell ya.

Another thing about Richard is that he has a very sharp tongue. He takes great pride in the fact that he has an acerbic wit (or is that "ascorbic wit"...both would work, actually). Anywho, he's a self-proclaimed smart ass.

That being said, I was left with no choice in what his Father's Day gift/card would be this year.

No choice at all.

So, here is the card I came up with WAIT! Can I blame this card on my muse?....sure I can.

So, here is the card my MUSE came up with.



Yeah...I made the donkeys in Photoshop. Aren't they fabulous???

Here is the gift that went along with the card. Jonathan and I made him a matching T-shirt (my own design). Doesn't Richard make a cute model? For those of you who don't get the sentiment...just humor me and say you do. For those of you who do get it... I LOVE YOU.


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