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July 18, 2013

The Organization Fairy Came to Visit

So, do you ever get REALLY frustrated when you KNOW you have that particular... (insert whatever craft supply you want) and you can't find it? I went to the plastic tub where I keep my embossing folders, and ended up literally dumping the whole lot on the floor in my attempt to search through them to find THE ONE. So, out of total frustration, I pleaded a wish to the ether that the Organization Fairy would visit me and figure out a way so that I can find whatever desired embossing folder is eluding me at any given moment.

And, whatya know. She actually showed up.

After 5 hours of preparation...my embossing folders are now UBER organized (at least the A2 sized ones). They now live in the top drawer of my Ikea gatefold worktable. They fit perfectly. I have them sorted in a way that makes sense to me (more or less).
  • I started out by cutting white cardstock into 5" x 6 1/2" pieces for dividers. 
  • Then, I cut offset tabs into them (by hand). 
  • One by one, I ran each divider through the Big Shot with its corresponding embossing folder so that I'd have a real-life reference on what it looks like.
  • I wrote the name of each folder, its manufacturer, and item # on each divider.

This is how it turned out:

I'm so stinkin' HAPPY!!! I can actually find whatever one I need now!!! And, before you ask....there are  100 folders in there. I counted them....had to. I needed to know how many dividers to make.

I know I know...I have an embossing-folder fetish.  Well, a fetish is better than an obsession, amiright?

But, I have an embossing folder for just about EVERY crafty theme and style.

The rest of my embossing folders (large ones, strips, and small ones) are in a smallish plastic tub. There aren't TOO many of those, so they can all live there happily ever after.


  1. O. M. G. 100 embossing folders. I'm coming over and I'm bringing my Cuttlebug.

  2. And I thought I had a bunch.... Wow lady, that's amazingly wonderful and would make me happy, happy, happy!


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