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March 2, 2014

Attack of the Baby Shower Cards

Hidy Ho, crafty peeps!

As promised...here are the cards I made for my cousin's daughter's baby shower.

Before I unveil the cards, I want you to know that my mom and I figured out how this kiddo is related to me. This baby will be my first cousin twice removed. I get it now. when a cousin is "removed" that is a generational (vertical) reference. When you talk about 2nd and 3rd cousins...it's a horizontal reference (my 1st cousin's  1st cousin would be my 2nd cousin). I figure everyone on this planet is some sort of cousin.

Okay...on with the show!!

The first card I made is from me. It goes along with the "monster" theme of my gifts.

 The monster is of my own design/creation. I actually drew him (and all his component parts) in Photoshop to make the pattern. And, because I'm nice...I included the pattern at the end of this post!
 Inside of Monster card
Guess what? There is NO coloring on this card (except for the freckles which I did with my Prismacolor pencils and that doesn't count). Fear not! As you'll see in a minute, the second card has PLENTY of mad coloring skillz. 

MAD, I tell ya!

The second card is for my mom to give--I offered to make one for her to give (I'm a good daughter).  When I asked her what she wanted on it...she requested it have a frog. Now, I was not about to put some cutesy-wootsy frog on there. But I did find this wonderful guy in my digi stamp cache. I colored him up with my Prismacolor pencils (note the mad skillz). And yes, those papers look familiar...because I used the same papers on both cards. I figured why not? I already had them out. 

This card is made with a Stephanie Barnard Flip-Its card die. I love these cards. I love their 3-D interactiveness. When you open it, the middle section (where the frog is sitting) magically flips over. See?

Here is a closeup of the inside of the card

So YAY! I'm done...and in time to take a shower and get ready for the party. Did I mention they're having a chocolate fountain?

I am SO there.

Majestic Flip-it die (Sizzix)
Crown Oval Nestability die (Spellbinders)
Loopy edge punch (Martha Stewart)
Bubble edge punch (Martha Stewart)
Drippy edge punch (Martha Stewart)
Carl the Frog stamp (Scribbles by Sandy)
Prismacolor Pencils
Patterned paper (various)
Googly eyes
Clear Lacquer
Foam spacers


  1. awesome cards! I love that your card matches the cute monsters you made for the baby.

  2. I am sooooo excited to see you creating again dear friend. Your inspiring my mojo! I can't wait to be down there and working with you! These are just adorable!!!!!
    Love ya!

  3. Such wonderful cards! The second one is soooo clever, but I have to admit, the first one is my fave. A really nice change from your typical soft colours, sweet image cards.....not that your monster isn't sweet....I'm sure you kwim. Thanks for including the pattern!

  4. I love your monster. But I love, Love, LOVE (bold face) that frog. He reminds me of Michigan J Frog. (You can now break into a rendition of "Hello my honey. Hello my sweetie. Hello my ragtime gal!").

    Your mad coloring skillz are in full evidence here, as are your design skills, and your sense of humor. That tadpole is pure, unadulterated genius.


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