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February 28, 2016

Any Time is Time for Tea

Hidy Ho, crafty peeps!

I'm here with a fun little project for Crafter's Companion!

I'm trying to make things other than just cards...although cards are still my go-to thing to make when I'm gettin' all crafty. But today, I made a cute little gifty thing. And trust me, it would make an absolutely adorable last-minute gift when you're simply at a loss as to what to get someone.

I made a little tea bag gift box, of sorts.

I say "of sorts" because when it comes down to it...it's not REALLY a box.

It's an accordion folder. You know...like the ones to organize paperwork in.

But this one is TINY.

And, while we're on that subject...why is it that everything, when shrunk down to a tiny size, is cute?


Even things like: hammers, cars, boxes, Pit Bulls, garbage cans, and even (yes) accordion file folders become absolutely cute as a proverbial bug's ear when they are diminutive versions of the original.

My version holds individually-wrapped tea bags...but you could put other things in it too...recipes, business cards, trading cards, ATCs (oooh that's a great idea), even packets of Kool Aid.

It measures roughly 3.5" x 5" (that's approx. 9cm x 13cm for those into metric measurements)...so basically, it's the size of a standard index card. The beauty of this project is that the size can be adjusted up or down...it all depends on the size of envelopes you make/use to create the pockets.
I used a cute image and sentiment stamp from Moonbeam Meadows. I colored it up with my Spectrum Aqua markers. This was the most time-consuming part of this project.

I made the scalloped mat and lid edging (which I now realize, by looking at the photo above, got accidentally tucked under the image on the top left corner--oh well, I'm not doing a photo re-shoot). I obtained the correct size/length by strategically cutting apart and splicing a scalloped rectangle die-cut shape.

To open it up, you untie the bow and lift up the "lid".

This is what the inside looks like. The bags of tea fit nicely in the accordion folds! 2 tea bags will fit comfortably in each section...so that means it will hold 12 tea bags!!

I'm not posting a tutorial on this (I know you're disappointed)...but it's because there is an excellent tutorial available on "The Ultimate Advanced Construction Techniques" DVD available from Crafter's Companion! These little gems are SO easy peasy to make. I used my Ultimate Tool (by Crafter's Companion) to make it...but you don't have to own an Ultimate Tool to make them...it just makes it easier to follow along with the DVD.

It's a VERY easy project. I mean like stupid easy. So don't be intimidated.

I think it only took me about 20 minutes to make one from start to finish (not counting coloring the image)...and I'm slow as molasses. I admit it...I dawdled. I have a good excuse though...I was watching "The Big Bang Theory" while I was crafting.

I LoVe that show. The character Sheldon cracks me up.

I don't wanna hear any whining about "Oh, that looks so hard, I'd never be able to make that." If I hadn't been distracted by the erudite antics of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, I probably could have made the accordion file (without the image on the front) in about 7.5 minutes...give or take 30 seconds.

Each item is a link to the product at Crafter's Companion website for your shopping convenience!

I'd like to enter this in the following challenges:
Thanks, as always, for skipping out here to Left Field to visit me!

May all your days be crafty ones!


  1. Ok, you convinced me - must learn how to do this because it's freakin' adorable & these stuff would really make my girlfriends happy for their birthdays! :)
    Love the coloring of that sweet image, too. :)
    Have an awesome day!

  2. I love tea and this box is so cute.
    Thanks for playing with us at Craft your Passion. Good luck, Michelle (DT)


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