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August 5, 2010

Headin' off to La La Land

Well, sorta...I'm actually off to Malibu for a week with my sister and mom. This has become an annual tradition. We go to a Franciscan Monastery for a spiritual, um, renewal week? Basically, it boils down to girl time in a beautiful place that overlooks the ocean on one side...and Mel Gibson's house on the other (and Dick Van Dyke's and Hugh Laurie's--the one-and-only Dr. House himself). Its name is Serra. Built by the Rindge family (who owned all of Malibu)...Serra was once a privately-owned, 50-room mansion home--built by a widow in tribute to her late husband--and never finished. She even started Malibu Potteries to make the exquisite hand-painted tiles that adorn every inch of the buildings, walkways, stairs, retaining walls and grounds. 

A year after her death, the mansion; its surrounding land (26 acres) and out buildings were sold to the Franciscan Friars for...get this...$50,000. They turned it into a retreat center that is unbelievably peaceful and beautiful with gardens, walking paths, amazing overlooks...and even a labyrinth. 

Serra welcomes hundreds of guests each year...and I'm lucky enough to be one of 'em.

So, don't hate me too much when I wake up to this every morning for a week.

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  1. Torry - This looks just beautiful,
    Hope you had a wonderful time.
    I could picture a retreat there.


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