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August 22, 2010

My Achilles Heel

Well, I've been home from California for a week. It was a PERFECT trip. The temperature NEVER climbed above 70 degrees, the fog burned off every morning by 10:00, the monastery was lovely (as always). 

Now, I'm back in hot, humid Texas....where the LOW temp at night is somewhere in the mid 90s and the high is over 100, every day.

And, I caught something wicked. Don't know if my lovely sister (who has strep and I now call Typhoid Heidi) shared it with me, or if someone on the plane or at Disneyland flung their germs at me. Whatever the source, I'm sick as a dog. Chest on fire, lungs hurting like a mofo, asthma kicking, fever (up to 104), headache, no appetite, body aches, coughing up blood-streaked mucus that's fit for a zombie apocalypse movie.

Can you get the flu in the middle of summer? And here I was laughing at Walgreens for advertising that they are giving flu shots already. 

I'll drag my butt into the doc tomorrow. 
I'm not a good patient. I just wanna crawl into a cave and be left alone.

Troglodytes UNITE!

UPDATE: Turns out I've got pneumonia. *sigh*. Doc took one look at me and sent me to the hospital. Spent some time at the hospital and have been released to home on the contingency that I will immediately return to be admitted if things don't improve. But, with 3 different antibiotics on board (one IV, 2 oral), some IV steroids and a consistent line of nebulizer treatments and steroid inhalers--I think I'll be OK managing this by myself at home. Heck, the only reason they released me from the hospital is because I am, after all, a nurse--and as such, I PROMISED to do what I'm supposed to do...which mostly means be a couch potato and keep breathing.

This, too, shall pass. 


  1. Yea, it's been a pretty hot summer this year, hope your bug is nothing important.

  2. Bummer..........What a bad way to finish such a great vacation. Hope your up and running soon. Take care of yourself. Love Ya
    (Mom) Jane

  3. Oh my. I hope you get to feeling better soon dear. I've been wanting to visit you soon. But not 'til you are all better!
    Ron has been working on his novel and I told him that he should get your husbands opinion of it. I cant be objective since I have always loved his writing. This will give us a chance to talk while the "men folk" discuss books LoL

    Get better soon !


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