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September 30, 2011

Adios leetle Birdie

It's Photo Op time! A couple of days ago, my mom and hubby were trimming the hedges out front when KAPOW...mom whacked this poor little guy with her glass door. He was knocked out for a minute or so, then just sat there, dazed and discombobulated, for a few more minutes. After about 20 minutes, he just flew off into the big oak tree across the street--it's much safer there, little one.

For all you budding ornithologists, this is a Mourning Warbler. He's teeny weeny--only about 3-4 inches long (you can sorta tell scale by the size of the grout in comparison). He's got his fall colors on--olive green on the top, butter yellow breast. Apparently he's migrating (as he normally lives WAY northeast...like Canada northeast). Their migratory path does reach down here though...so, I like to think he was on his way to Cancun for the winter where he will lounge on the beach and sip margaritas. Adios, leetle birdie. Watch out for those crazy Gringas with the big glass doors. Hope he sends a postcard while he's there (though I won't hold my breath).

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