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October 2, 2011

World Cardmaking Day

There sure are a bunch of contrived "holidays" these days. Some of them are just so...obscure. 
  • Name Your Cat Day  (haven't most people already named their cat?? Just sayin'...)
  • Virus Appreciation Day  (not something I appreciate)
  • Moldy Cheese Day  (not to be confused with Stale Bread Day--that's sometime in January)
  • International Skeptics Day  (I doubt this really exists)
  • National Dessert Day  (oooh, I like this one, maybe I'll celebrate it all week)
  • Bald and Free Day  (This conjures up images of guys with chrome domes running through  meadows in their boxer shorts ...*shudder*)
  • Columbus Day  (Go figure, a holiday just for a city in Ohio..oh wait, this is a legitimate holiday...never mind)
    ...and those are just in the month of October. Tucked alongside these wacky days of  celebration is 
October 1st was, in fact, World Card Making Day. It was founded in 2006 by Paper Crafts magazine. Back then it was called National Card Making Day, but it has since evolved to encompass the whole of card-making enthusiasts around the globe--thus, it was changed to "World Card Making Day". I like that it's an equal-opportunity holiday--anyone can participate. It doesn't exclude anyone. There is no age limit, sex or race restriction, ethnic boundary, economic status requirement...all you gotta do to be a part of this is make a card. Simple enough. So here is the card I made. Yeah, it's colored pencil on kraft paper...what can I say, I'm hooked on the look.

    And YES, this card is a statement with regard to me and crafting... 
    I'm back in the saddle, folks
    BRING IT!!

    YEE HAW!!!

    All digital stamps - Bombshell Stamps
    Prismacolor pencils
    Patterned paper - Flair
    Foam tape
    Chalk Ink - Clearsnap
    Kraft paper
    blank card


    1. what!!??!! YOU are amazing!!! this is beautiful!!

    2. This is just amazing... Great attention to detail (as always) and I love the images you've chosen! Great to see you back in the saddle again (be glad you couldn't hear me singing that!)

    3. Torrey, this is awesome! Looking forward to working with you on the Bombshell Team.

    4. This is absolutely fabulous. Wow!!!


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