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October 20, 2011

Ode to an Angry Tooth

...I'm having a root canal on Monday. In honor of this, I crafted a little poem.

Oh little pearl
that helps me chew
the foods I loves to eats…

the crunchy things
and gooey things
and other tempting treats

You help me in
my daily life
with you, I masticate…

But one wrong bite
has left you cracked
and turned you quite... irate.

A friend of mine
you ceased to be,
instead, you are my bane.

I hear you laugh,
as you twist my face in pain.

To free me from
this misery
I'd go to an extreme...

For happy smiles
and pain-free days
are only but a dream

I’m tempted now,
to have you pulled
and rip you from my jaw…

I'd live my life,
quite happily,
drinking milkshakes with a straw.


  1. I love your poem! But I'm sorry you're having tooth trouble.

  2. Thanks, Laura! This too shall pass...but what I wouldn't give right now for a pair of pliers and a bottle of tequila.


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