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October 20, 2011

State Fair, Texas STYLE

"Our state fair is the BEST state fair...don't miss it, don't even be late!!!"

What a great song by Rogers and Hammerstein! It's that time of year again, here in Texas...STATE FAIR TIME! I love the State Fair. My favorite part is seeing the arts and crafts and all the jars of pickled things. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the ribbons that are awarded. One of my dreams is to win a blue ribbon from the State Fair. I haven't entered anything yet...but next year, I'm entering  things in MANY categories!!! I'll cook something, photograph something, and create something artsy. I'll get my blue ribbon...YOU'LL SEE!

So this year was REALLY special. Why? Because I got to share The Fair with Jonathan. It was our first State Fair together. The weather was perfect--72 degrees. I even dressed up and wore a beautiful sweater, long skirt, and a shirt that matched my hair! I looked spiffy. Jonathan wore his cowboy hat. It tickles me when he wears it...he is such a handsome cowboy! Just look at those baby blues. *melt*.

USUALLY I like to eat...a LOT at The Fair. But this year, because of a wretchedly painful tooth, I was only able to suffer through one corn dog. ONLY one. *sigh*. USUALLY I eat all manner of fried things at the Fair. I mean they have: fried BUTTER, fried FRITO PIE, fried DING DONGS, fried COKE, fried CHEESECAKE, fried BACON, fried SNICKERS, fried PECAN PIE, fried S'MORES, fried PIZZA...you name it. If you can dream it up; you can probably find it at The Fair...and when you do, it will UNDOUBTEDLY be dipped in batter and deep-fried. Jonathan enjoyed his FIRST Fletcher's corn dog, smoked bratwurst from Hans Mueller (their wurst IS the best), nachos, cotton candy, Dr Pepper and a fruit punch...
the man can EAT!

After we/he ate...I just had to introduce him to BIG TEX. Big Tex is THE Texas State Fair icon...actually, he's more of a legend around here. His story is quite interesting. Read HERE for more info about him.


We walked all through the arts and crafts building. It houses all the ribbon-winning entries that have anything to do with crafting--food, photography, quilting, sewing, painting...it's all there. Then we meandered through the Embarcadero. This is where you find Sham Wow!, Ginsu knives, waterless cookware and all other manner of gadgets, doo-dads and what-nots for sale. Last stop was the Food and Fiber pavilion where we learned all about agriculture; its production and products. My favorite part was the bee/honey exhibit and the "wall o' honey". One could say, I got to share the honey with my hunny. Plus...we were treated to a live show by a local community college show choir. The poor kids were crammed onto a tiny stage and they were dressed in really cheesy costumes. The acoustics were AWFUL, the audience was captive...but what they lacked in auditory refinement, they certainly made up for in enthusiasm!

We had a terrific time. 
The best part of it all?...we were together.

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  1. After popping around your blog I have to agree....I think we're a lot alike. And the fact that we're both fans of The Princess Bride....why it's almost inconceivable!

    Your comment on my blog made me lol.

    I decided to comment on this particular post because while I've heard of some of the things that get fried at American fairs (deep fried butter actually made the local news up here once) I'm very curious about fried Coke. What the heck is that??? I drink a ridiculous amount of Diet Coke but I've never thought about frying it. Please do tell!


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