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October 31, 2011

...Smell My Feet


Candy, oh candy
 in my Hallow’s Eve sack
that I gained from trick-or-treating

Would just disappear,
 unusually fast,
for a goblin came-a-eating

tearing through wrappers,
like a paper shredder,
…to stop would be defeating

So she ate and ate
First chocolate, then taffy
(and the cycle kept repeating)

Her grubby hands flew
from MY bag to HER mouth
(to me, it was totally cheating)

Eyes wide, I watched her
gobble up my whole stash
(lucky me... I had ringside seating)

Then I realized,
in a horrible flash,
that with whom I was competing

Was not, in fact,
a wretched ghoul at all,
it was ME, ‘neath the ghost’s sheeting.

~by Torrey Moseley 10.31.2011

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