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November 1, 2011

Bombshell Party Time!!!

Hey there all you craftaholics!!

October 31 through November 2, the Bombshell Stamps Forum is hosting a re-launch party with lots of games, challenges and things to win!  It's celebrating the re-launch of their new and improved forum! You just gotta come play... you know you want to win FaBuLoUs Bombshell prizes!!!!!

I am participating in the scavenger hunt. For the hunt you need to find the Bombshell Stamps "Senora Muerta" logo (a picture of it is posted on their blog so you know what you're looking for)....and, to the person who finds the logo on the most Designers' blogs gets a PRIZE- so go track 'em down...HUNTING SEASON IS NOW OPEN!!!!! (ssssh, be vewy vewy quiet, thewr hunting wogos).

When you're finished, just email Katie at thecelticwitch@googlemail.com with the address of the blog and the date of the post where you found the logo.

And, if ya need more info...head on over to head to the Bombshell BLOG  -here- or the Forum -here- for more details.


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