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November 6, 2011

She Had Me at Chocolate...

Hidy Ho fellow artsy Divas and...guys

...Wait, that doesn't sound right--what's the male equivalent of "Diva" anyway?...hmm, I think I'm gonna call them "Daves" or "Divos" (nah, that reminds me too much of Devo--and all I can picture is strange guys in red flower-pot hats...funny, but, no). Let me start this post over again.

(yeah, that's better).

I invite you to take a look at a new card-making challenge blog. I know what you're thinking--"Not another one". Au contraire, mes amis !!! (uh oh, Torrey's typing in French AND bolded italics...watch out)

(insert drum roll here)

Chocolate, Coffee & Cards Challenges (CCCC for short) is hosted by an enthusiastic gal named Angie--who, btw, does NOT make cards. WHAT???  IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE??  In the immortal words of Vizzini from Princess Bride... INCONCEIVABLE!!! She may not be a crafter (yet), but she LOVES challenge blogs. So, she started her own, and that's how Chocolate, Coffee & Cards was born.

I have been selected as one of the founding designers (WOO HOO!!! I feel like a pilgrim landing at Plymouth Rock). I'm very happy to be a part of this new challenge blog. This is my first stint as a challenge blog DT member--gonna be FUN! Here is the 411 on what it's all about:
  1. Challenges will be run every 2 weeks, every-other Friday, starting December 2.
  2. Each challenge will be sponsored (yes, this means prizes) by a different company --the sponsor for the first challenge is Bugaboo Stamps...YIPPEE!
  3. There will be other events throughout the year too, so check back often and participate for a chance to win FaBuLoUs prizes and get terrific ideas from our designers and the other challenge participants!
So, drop by CCCC (hmmm, could I just call it CX4??) and create along with us! It's gonna be fun!

Honestly, she had me at "chocolate".


  1. Congrats! I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  2. Hi Torrey!

    I am on the team, too. I am so looking forward to working with everybody on the team. :)

    See you at the first challenge.

    Jenny aka Wifey Cookie


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