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March 23, 2012

Fancy Folding

Hello people! It's time for another challenge over at CCCC and is sponsored by the folks at Milk Coffee! This week's challenge is "Fancy Folds". Technically, it means our cards had to have more than ONE fold...but you know me. I don't do anything half-way. My card is a variation on an "explosion" card. It's a mix between Origami and cardmaking. Oh, and it has 14 folds. I know what you're thinking..."Torrey, you're insane". Insanity is SUCH a loose term these days.

Here is my card in its closed/collapsed state. Coming up with a way to keep this sucker closed was...challenging. At first I tried clips...but thought they looked tacky. Then I thought about using photo turns but decided they'd just look odd hanging out by themselves on the side panels. I finally settled on a "belly band" (that strip of polka-dot paper around the bottom of the card)-- a belly band is an encircling band of coordinating patterned paper that slips on to hold the card closed, then easily slides off to allow it to be opened. It's not fancy, but it works.

And here is the card open. It collapses in on itself sorta like a complex accordion. Pretty nifty, eh? I also learned a very important lesson when creating this card. I USUALLY color my image FIRST, then choose paper to match. This can be VERY difficult (as was the case with this card). So, I took a hint from my bestee, Jodi, and from now on...I'll choose the papers FIRST then color my image to match. So effective, so logical, so SIMPLE (which is probably why I didn't think of it on my own). Thank you, Jodiwan Kenobi. You are, indeed, my crafty mentor.

Image - Milk Coffee (Charlotte and Her Love Letter)
Nestability dies - Spellbinders (Lacy Circles, Scalloped Oval)
Patterned paper - Scenic Route
Prismacolor colored Pencils
Distress ink - Ranger (Walnut Stain)
white gel pen- Sakura

Ciao for now, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. <---- AKA Jodiwan is sooo impressed with all this construction and folding. Might have to try this when YOU ARE HERE!!! (just about pee'd my pants with excitement)


  2. Them sure are some fancy folds! Fabulous card.

  3. I love this card... it is amazing! Your blog is so cute too!

  4. You know what I'm thinking. YOU ARE INSANE. ....but in the best sort of way....


    Love it!!!

  5. 'Tis fabulous. Great folding and coloring.

    Jodiwan is a very wise mentor and has much sage advice to pass along, such as:
    "All buttons must be threaded."

    BTW, insanity is a relative term. All my relatives are insane. :D

  6. Ah... Kathi is such a good student!

  7. Wow, I didn't notice these two pic is the same card! Gorgeous work, you're very talented! Love your coloring too! Thanks for make our digi looks so pretty ^^


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