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March 31, 2012

Bombshell DT Time and the Birth of the Digital Diva

Bombshell Stamps has announced their new design teams! That's right..."TEAMS". They have 2--one full-time DT (aka Bombshell Girls) and one monthly guest DT (aka Pin-ups). I have been promoted to the ranks of full-fledged Bombshell Girl!!! A hearty HUZZAH to all the new and returning designers!!

We bid adieu to 4 fantabulous artists who are retiring from the DT-- Cheryl, Mary, Meredith and Milo. I'm sure we'll be seeing them down the road...'cuz once you're a Bombshell, you're ALWAYS a Bombshell!

Here's a listing of the Bombshell Girls along with links to all their FaBuLoUs blogs:
Kathi (aka el Capitan)
Katie (aka Glittery Katie)
Mary (aka Sparkly Mary)
Torrey (aka Digital Diva)

We also want to welcome the new guest DT Pin-ups!!!!
Ms April - Teresa (aka Mommamea)
Ms May -  Jennie (aka Pirate Jennie)
Ms June - Kim (aka Crafty Pink Anchor)
Ms July - Susie (aka LittleMe)
Ms August - Jodi
Ms September - Lizzie (aka Oh Snap Lizzie)

I have also been given a new "title" here at Bombshell Stamps. I am now the "DIGITAL DIVA"...I guess it's because I like to play around in Photoshop a LOT. So, for my first assignment as the "Digital Diva" I was asked to design badges for Bombshell Stamps for various things, including their design team. I figured just ONE generic badge would not do.

No siree.

So I designed one specifically for each DT member--customized both to their personality (by my observation) and to their favorite color.  As for the guest DT...since they are each assigned a month, I decided to devise monthly "themed" badges. I wanted to keep them semi-uniform without them being identical.

About the color thing...beware when asking a bunch of artists their favorite color. One of the DT members (who shall remain Sparkly...but nameless) waxed poetically for an ENTIRE paragraph about her favorite colors. This made my day (being that I am, after all, Chroma Girl). Then there were a few DT members who handed me Copic Codes for their colors...R59, BG57, RV43,586....do they NOT REALIZE I am NOT a Copic Girl??? They may as well have told me in Chinese.

There were a surprising number of DT members who like the color TEAL. So, I had to come up with several iterations of TEAL--each a LITTLE different shade. My favorite color is purple; or various shades of purple. I like red-violet, aubergine, periwinkle...but did I make my personal badge purple?


I know what some of you are probably thinking..."If you're such a Chroma Girl, Torrey...why is yours brown?" Well, I'll tell ya. After I finished coloring mine in (in yummy shades of aubergine) I realized that it needed to be...sepia. Not only sepia, but distressed too--to look vintage. I must admit. I like her in sepia tone.

So, here they are, grouped together in sort of a collage. There are 2 missing, but as soon as I hear from the last two designers as to their color choice, I'll whip 'em out.

Design Team members aka "Bombshell Girls"

Guest Design Team (aka monthly Pin Ups)

My favorite is the August Pin Up. I just love her shades and cherry-covered bathing suit!!! I used Bombshell's own "Bombshell Angel" stamp and then I went HOG-WILD using all the digital outfits they have to dress her up. It was EXACTLY like playing with paper dolls. You can find the outfits here: Paper Doll Clothing Collection Then, it was just a matter of me playing in Photoshop to color them all up.

So much fun!


  1. Torrey...These are amazing hunni, each & everyone of them are unique,gorgeous & sassy...your one talented lady!!
    hugs and xxx

  2. You did an awesome job on these!:)

  3. Torrey these are AMAZING. I love mine! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

    I have to say my fave pin up one is April... cuz I collect eggs, and there are pretty blingy eggs on there. :-)

  4. Theyt are indeed Amazing!! aND i AM SO HAPPY WITH MINE!! Thank you Torrey!Yiu are a real Digital Diva!

  5. Wow- you ARE the digial diva! This is the first time that I've seen all of these...girl, you rock!!! Guess I left the team too soon! ;)

  6. Dear Digital Diva,
    Thank you for the fabulous badges.

    I love my handcuffs, but I'm not sure that a police officer reflects my real personality, though I must be stern in my role of dt captain.

    Can you make an alternate one morphing the "Pimpin' Wolf" from the Sugar Daddy set into a Dominitrix?


    Smooches and Hugs,
    El Exigente Capitan


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