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May 15, 2012

I'm not in Kansas anymore

Actually, I never was in Kansas. I was next door, in Colorado. BIG difference.

I just wanted to take a quick minute to post a card I made recently. I didn't make this for an assignment...not for a challenge...not to promote anything. I made this card, for me. 'Cuz I wanted to. I just had an urge/vision to make a Dorothy card.

The fabulous shooz are a Cricut die (don't ask me to remember which one)...but I didn't trust it would cut out the glitter paper, so I cut them out of regular cardstock and traced 'em on the back of the glitter paper, then hand-cut them out. Old school...I know. So shoot me.

I added lots of splashes of glitter pen, though it doesn't show up in the photo. Why is it SO DIFFICULT to photograph glitter and have it look...glittery? I ended up adding little "starbursts" of white in Photoshop to accentuate the glitter. It's totally cheating...but I couldn't figure out a better way to impart the "glitter" feel in the photograph.  

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for successfully photographing glitter?


Twinkle Toes cartridge - Cricut
Dorothy image - Graphic 45 (The Magic of Oz)
Nestability die - Spellbinders (Labels Four)
eyelet border punch - Martha Stewart for EK Success
eyelet corner punch - unknown
dotted ribbon and heart brad - Creative Impressions
glitter paper
patterned paper
glitter pen - Sakura


  1. Very cool. I haven't had much luck photographing glitter either. Love how you Photoshopped in the sparkle. Nifty idea.

  2. Hey I recognize that fence! Your sparkles look cool... I'm thinking the opposite way now... I want to know how to replicate that sparkle burst on my cards!
    love ya...

  3. Fun card. Love the glitter.

    I have no idea why it's so freakin' hard to photograph. So it's ultra cool that you photoshopped in some sparkles.

  4. If you get an answer to the sparkle question lmk. I've been asking for a couple years.

    Your card is the bombdiggity. I love those shoes and your dorothy and your added sparkles and your color scheme and your punches and, and, and....

  5. It is fantastic!!! I'm just starting in scrapbooking and cardmaking and I hope make so cute cards than yours!!!


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