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May 3, 2012

Throwing down the gauntlet

As some of you may know (and many of you may not), I recently spent 4 GLORIOUS days at a scrapbooking/card making retreat up in Colorado with my bestee, Jodi. You can see her FaBuLoUs blog here: KabooDesigns.

Before the retreat, Jodi went through her GINORMOUS stash of stickers and put together a rather large tub (20 gallons or so) to give away. She actually was a VERY good girl and donated not only tons of stickers, but albums, embellishments, paper and various paper crafting supplies to be given away at the retreat.

She and I usually aren't real "productive" when we go to crops/retreats, but we do enjoy a little friendly rivalry. So, we decided it would be fun if we challenged each other to a card-making duel. **

**DISCLAIMER:  the only guns used in this duel were adhesive guns.

Each of us reached into the giant vat-o-stickers and presented  the other with a sheet of stickers to use in our duel. The only requirement was that we had to use at LEAST 2 stickers from the selected sheet.

We both chose REALLY old sets from Scrappy Cat (funny how that worked). Here is the set I chose for her. The set she chose for me was very similar but in a different color palette.

And here is what we did with them:

First is my card: I pretty much left the stickers as-is--just cut the larger ones down to size. They made a fun backdrop for my scooterific card. It's hard to see, but I added a silver border around my scooter image (a stamp from Imaginisce that I colored with my Prismacolor pencils) to mimic the silver border that is on the stickers.

Next is Jodi's card. She pulled out her fine-tip pen and Zentangled the heck out of the stickers. I must admit...hers is BRILLIANT and far outshines mine (but don't tell her that).

Note the groups of 3 graduated "gems" on both our cards. This was TOTALLY coincidental, as we made our cards at different times during the weekend and didn't reveal what we did until the end. GMTA (great minds think alike).

It was a fun and "challenging" challenge...and I consider this crafting duel...a "draw".


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