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June 17, 2012

Father's Day-o-rama

I'm not in a chit-chatty mood...but I did want to post the Father's Day cards I made this year. As I said last year, I'm blessed to have 4 fathers--one biological, one step, one in-law, and one heavenly. I only made 2 cards this year (but I did help Jonathan make one for his dad, so that kinda counts as 3).

I love all my dads.

Here is what I whipped up in the labora-Torrey for my patriarchal posse of papas.

The first one is for my biological dad, Wayne (note: I didn't say "real"...'cuz they're ALL real to me). It features my hero, Einstein. Of course you know that if ANYONE would have a digital cartoon of Einstein, it would be me (thanks to the fabulous Ron Leishman). I call this card  
"Nerd Camouflage"
 --see how Einie sort of blends in with the background? I colored him with my Prismacolor pencils and added some white pen for detail.

The second card is for my stepdaddio, Richard, aka "Reesharr (that's the "French" pronunciation). Reesharr is a self-proclaimed "pepper belly". This means that he has either developed a taste for all things spicy hot...or that he's completely burned out all his taste buds and cayenne is the only thing he can still sense. Another thing about Reesharr is that he always wears a cap. Come to think of it...so does my other dad, Wayne. Maybe my mom had a thing for guys who wear caps.

I found the perfect hat for Reesharr for Father's Day. It has red, yellow and green chili peppers all over it. I tell you this because of what I put inside his card.  Here is the outside of his card. I colored this image in...PHOTOSHOP. You read that right. I did add the shadowy stuff around him with colored pencil once he was printed out...but all the rest of the coloring I did in Photoshop. Can't tell, can ya? Me either. To me it looks just like what I would have done with my colored pencils. It was an experiment ('cuz that's what I do here in the labora-Torrey--'speriment). I say it was a successful one at that!

Oh...here is the inside of his card...see, now you understand why I told you about the hat.


Images - Ron Leishman
Patterned paper - Die Cuts With A View and Flair
Prismacolor color pencils
black gems - Prima
Black fabric paint - Tulip
gingham ribbon - Offray


  1. How bad is it that I immediately recognized the dot paper as very old Flair, but updated to be trendy and cool?

    Great cards. Both of 'em. I really love the Einstein one because of his electric hair.

  2. Kathi...that doesn't surprise me one bit. I think that would be a GREAT challenge, don't you?? To take REALLY old paper and upscale it!


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