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June 17, 2012

I Haz BEEEEG Newz!!!

Yo Yo Yo,

I've been bustin' at the seams, not being able to say anything. But the time has come that I can FINALLY shout it out!!!

I am proud and honored to announce that I am one of the newest members of Kenny K's design team!!! WOO HOOOOOOOOOOO! And, since we have GUYS on our team now, they had to change the name from Kenny K's Krafty GIRLZ (I'm sure Andy and Mike are THRILLED that they aren't gonna have to be called a "Girl"). The new name of the KK DT is:

Along with the new name is a whole new challenge blog that will be up and running on July 1. Until then, y'all can still enter challenges at the "old" digs here:  

I'd like to put a shout out to my fellow Krafty Krewmates! Time for a roll call, I'd say. So, without further ado, here is DA WHOLE  KREW--both new and returning members!!! They've split us into two teams (A and B) and we'll be alternating between the challenges. This means y'all will have TWICE the inspiration and DOUBLE the FaBuLoUsNeSs!!! SNAP!

Brandy Newbies

Well-Seasoned Returnees

Now, did you notice who ELSE is on the Krew with me??? My bestest friend in the whole universe and muse extraordinaire-- JODI A.!!!!!  I guarantee the folks at Kenny K haven't got a CLUE what they've gotten themselves into by having BOTH of us on their team....but they're about to find out.

(doing the Snoopy happy dance)


  1. Welcome to the Team yahoooo!!!!

    Tammy xx

  2. Congrats Torrey! You so Rock these stamps! So excited that you made the team!

  3. Congrats lady!

    Enjoy the gig, especially since you're on the team with Jodiwan.

  4. Oh, i´m soo honored too be on the same team with you. Hugs. Kista


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