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June 1, 2012

Kenny K is callin' mah name...

Can you hear it??? Put your ear up to the monitor speaker and listen. It's Kenny K...callin' my name.


I just got word (thanks Jodi--you enabler, you) that Kenny K's got a call out for a DT. Well shut mah mouth and call me a cab!! (that was an attempt at southern urbanization  colloquial lingo-ness).

I am throwing my hat into the ring, as it were. I've dusted off a few cards I made using Kenny K images to show the "them" of the Design Team decision making divas what I can do.

Note to the selection committee: I am a Prismacolor Colored Pencil girl at heart. I do NOT use Copics (very often) to color my images--when I do, it's always in combination with colored pencil. What you see below was all done with colored pencil. I've said it before...I'm Copic-challenged and more than a bit Copicphobic...but I LOVE my Prismas.

So, thank you for your time and for considering me for your AwEsOmE PoSsUm design team!


  1. Paragraph 5.....hey, me too.

    Fabulous cards. I especially love the middle one. Good luck, they'd be crazy not to take you.

  2. Those are all fabulous.

    You'd definitely be an asset to their team!

    BTW, they're Brooklyn based,so you might want to learn some Brooklynisms.

    Or you could fuggedaboudit.

  3. I'm a prisma girl too. I have tried copics but I just cannot do without my pencils.

    I cannot choose which card I like best, each one is different and wonderful. All are colored beautifully.

  4. love the cards!!! good luck!


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