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April 24, 2013

Circle of Life

My brother-in-law recently lost his mom. Although it was expected, and they had known it was time...it's still difficult to say good-bye. Her name was Mary. She had 18 children, 42 grandchildren, dozens of great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild. That's impressive. What's even more impressive is that she sent birthday cards to every single one of them...faithfully...year after year. Amazing.

I know my brother-in-law is hurting. I wish I could reach out to him and comfort him because that's my nature.

But, I can't.

There is a giant rift between us, fueled by his hatred for me. Deep-seated loathing because (years ago) I suggested that perhaps he and my sister would be happier were they not together. They have had a tumultuous, unkind, and destructive relationship pretty much from the beginning. I so want for them both to  lead happy, healthy lives...but separately, not together. Over the years, he's effectively ostracized me from his family...from his children...from my sister. I can forgive him for this...but I will never forget. I've tried to make amends in the past (several times) -- to no avail. But now, I've pretty much given up trying to fix things between us. I've accepted the fact that our relationship is irrevocably ... broken.

Despite all this, I decided I really need to send a condolence card. I refuse to let his feelings and behaviors dictate how I act (or don't). So, I made this card specifically for him...even though I'm addressing it to him, my sister, and my nephews.

Life is short.

I made the background panel by applying drops of alcohol ink directly to watercolor paper which I die cut into shape. I cut the olive inner frame from white cardstock which I hand-inked in the same manner. I adhered the frame to a piece of transparency film and then adhered the tree and heart diecuts on top of the transparency. I used foam tape to raise this whole assemblage off the background piece.

Majestic labels (Sizzix Framelits)
Tree die (Memory Box)
heart die (Sizzix Framelits - Princess)
embossing folders (Cuttlebug)
alcohol ink (Ranger)
watercolor paper
transparency film

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  1. You're absolutely right, life is too short. I think it's wonderful that you're being the "bigger man" here. ("Bigger man" certainly isn't the best description of what I mean but I thought it was more polite towards your bil than saying "adult".) It's a lovely card. I hope your bil realizes that your sympathy towards him is heartfelt and maybe, just maybe, it will help him heal.


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