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April 26, 2013

Healing Humor

Hidy Ho, crafty peeps!

I sat down yesterday and made a list of all the projects I have to get finished before I leave on a trip to Colorado in a couple of weeks.

Aye carumba.

Well I totaled it all up...I have 15 projects to get done. That's roughly one per day until I leave.


Today's creative task was to make a get well soon card for my uncle, Hanes. He is in the hospital following an "outpatient" procedure that didn't quite go as planned. After which, he spent several days as a guest in the ICU. He's now out of ICU and, in all hopes, will be strong enough to come home soon.

A note about my uncle: he has a very wry sense of humor. He's a funny guy...but his humor is often overshadowed by his quiet demeanor. He wrote one of my all-time favorite limericks (which I'll share now).

Ahem ...

There was a man of many devises
who had ears of two different sizes...
the one that was small
was of no use at all...
but the large one won several prizes.

I giggle every time I recite it.

So, in honor of my subtly-humorous uncle (whom I call "unka"), I made him this get well soon card -- complete with an original limerick by yours truly.

My limerick (if you can't read it on the card) goes like this:

Ahem ...

There once was a man named Hanes.
His legs were giving him pains.
To the hospital he went.
They put in a stent...
to bypass the kinks in his veins.

The inside of the card reads:  "Hope you are back in circulation soon!"

It is FRAUGHT with medical double entendre!!! FRAUGHT, I tell you!

Get well, Unka!!

Image - Ron Leishman
Lacy Oval die - Spellbinders
patterned paper - My Minds Eye
Prismacolor colored pencils


  1. Love it.... full of your humor as well as his!

    You know I can help you with projects when you get here?


  2. Super Limerick....
    Wonderful card.


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