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December 18, 2015

Let the Christmas Projects Begin!

Hidy Ho Ho Ho, crafty peeps!

I can't believe it's the week before Christmas!





This is a quicky post before I tackle wrapping presents. Today I'd like to share a card I made for Crafter's Companion

I've always had an affinity for snow globes. I used to collect them as a kid. Sadly, over the years, one-too-many moves has rendered many of them broken. Note: If you live in Colorado...do NOT store them in an unheated storage unit in winter.  Let's just say it was a hands-on lessen in the physics of freezing water.

Ice expands, ya know?

I still have a few that are intact. But only a very few.

So, today I'm paying homage to those little glass bubbles of joy.  This is one snow globe that is guaranteed NOT to break!

I used an adorable Barkley stamp from Crafter's Companion and colored both him and the base of the snow globe up with Spectrum Aqua makers! The "snow" inside the globe is a combo of micro glitter, white crystal glitter, and sequins.

Shaker cards like this are SUPER easy to make. I used a rectangular piece of craft foam (6mm thick) and cut a circle that is slightly larger than the stamped globe. I mounted it over my colored background image of Barkley and added the sprinkly/shaky glittery stuff.

I cut out the glass globe part of the cover image and adhered a piece of transparency under the cut-out part to make a transparent window. Then I stuck the whole thing over the foam base...and voila! You got a snow shaker!


Thanks for coming out to Left Field! 

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  1. I love your snow globe! The purple adds such a nice chilly feel, and I love the added sequins. Adorable dog too!


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